Galileo Chini a Palazzo Torriani

Palazzo Torriani and the Italian Liberty Style

Palazzo Torriani is more than 500 years old and after long restoration works, it’s back to its original splendor.In particular the building preserves several artworks by the Chini family and perfect example of Italian Liberty style. Here some of the most precious artworks preserved.

The dining room

On the first floor there is the most valuable work of art: a large decoration of 48 ceramic tiles connected to each other by gold vines on a light-blue background. According to scholars in this artwork by Galileo Chini we notice the influences of Gustav Klimt’s art.

Affreschi Galileo Chini a Palazzo Torriani

The ballroom

This large room is stunning: the walls are decorated with  luxury French wallpaper, finly finished by hand when put on the walls. On the ceiling there are 4 large medallions with the head of Medusa enriched by floral design and gold acorns by Chini. In the center there is also the unfinished frescoe by young Silvestro Lega, representing a tragic episode happened to the Torriani family.

Galileo Chini a Palazzo Torriani

The roses room La camera delle rose

This is the bridal room of Anna Maria’s grandmother Donna Clementina; it was richly decorated with floral designs by Galileo Chini, who wanted to transform the ceilin into an open-air garden. We can notice the little palms sketched by Chini, who used the same floral pattern to decorate the famous Throne Hall in Bangkok.

Galileo Chini a Palazzo Torriani

Guided tours at Palazzo Torriani

Palazzo Torriani is a historical residence and private of a museum. It’s open to the public upon reservation for guided tours, as well as every second Sunday of the month from 9am to 12pm and from 3 to 6pm. The tour costs 10€ per person and could be booked by writing or calling.


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