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Marradi and Altro Mugello Tuscany

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Discover Marradi

Marradi and Altro Mugello Tuscany

Marradi is the gateway to Tuscany, at the foot of the Tosco-Romagnolo Apennines. In this green land, you can still feel the 18th century cultural atmosphere of the Tuscan Grand Duchy.

Marradi is a colourful and cheerful town different from all the other towns on the Apennines. As a matter of fact, there are many noble buildings, a proper theatre where culture and traditions live together in quality productions and a clean environment, as certified by Città Slow. (International Network of Cities where living is good).

Marradi has being the “nest” of poets, painters and musicians internationally renowned, such as the Italian poet Dino Campana. It is an inspiring place, where the luxuriant nature sets the timetable of the town life. Relax, tranquillity and a soul and pure environment welcome travellers offering unique experiences.

Do not miss the small Animosi Theatre, one of the smallest in Italy, the masterpieces of Maestro di Marradi in the Saint Lawrence’s Church, the Study Centre for Dino Campana and the Chestnuts Studies and Documentation Centre.

Marradi is 65km far from Florence, 85 km from Bologna, 70 km from Ravenna, 35km from Faenza, city of ceramics, 35km from the Mugello racetrack, 50km from Imola and its racetrack, 95 km from Rimini and 45km from Forlì. Marradi is easily reachable by train from Florence and Faenza.


The flavours of the traditional cuisine have become the distinguishing mark of Marradi, heart of the Tuscan flavours. In particular, its renowned and precious product: the chestnut, called Marron Buono di Marradi.

Marradi is the land of authentic flavours, where recipes from Tuscany and from Emilia-Romagna mix and match to create delicious dishes.

What to eat in Marradi and where

  • Marradi bread, biscuits, castagnaccio, chestnut tart, schiacciata con l’uva at Sartoni Bakery
  • Fried chestnut tortellini, apple and chestnut strudel, Amor Polenta, chestnut tart at Quadalti Bakery
  • Pistachio gelato, chestnut gelato, rice puddings, small torte della nonna, marmalade pie at Caffè centrale
  • Cappelletti with broth, filet of Camino, Mediterranean-style lamb, Italian-style fried mix at Camino Restaurant
  • Cold-cuts selection, chestnuts ravioli, potatoes ravioli with Bolognese sauce, radicchio fagottini with cheese at Il Castagno Restaurant
  • Roast-beef with truffle, fillet at La Colombaia Restaurant
  • Piadina fritta, pizza, the big savoury bread at Costicci Bakery
  • Jumbo pizza “degli amici” at Le Scalelle Restaurant Pizzeria
  • Calzone, ricotta and spinach ravioli at La Stazione Restaurant Pizzeria
  • Lemon water-ice, chestnut jam, chestnuts roll at Bar Bianco
  • Panini, cold-cuts, cheeses, marron caffé at Bar Mughini
  • Local beers at Pub Cajun

10 Marradi products you do not want to miss

  • Marron Glacès
  • Chestnut tart
  • Chestnut jam
  • Chestnut flour
  • Fried chestnut tortellini
  • Biscuits
  • Tuscan bread baked in a wood-burning oven
  • Rosemary Schiacciata
  • Dog-rose marmelade
  • Schiacciata con l'uva