Cooking classes and food tastings in Mugello Tuscany

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Cooking classes and food tastings in Mugello Tuscany

Palazzo Torriani

We are glad to spoil our guests at Palazzo Torriani; we love cooking and sharing food memories with you. We are pleased to prepare every morning freshly baked bread, panini, cakes and biscuits that are the tasty companion of local cheese, ham and other products from Mugello and Tuscany.

We promise we are going to delight you at Palazzo Torriani!

Cooking classes to learn Italian culinary basics

We organize cooking classes and cooking vacations for our guests: we share with you the secrets of the recipes by our 19th century family chef Martino. At Palazzo Torriani the classes are held in the pulsing heart of our home, our private kitchen where we teach you how to make fresh pasta like tagliatelle but also the traditional tortelli di patate del Mugello; you learn also to bake bread and pizza, local desserts made of chestnuts flour like the typical castagnaccio.

We use only local products, coming from Marradi and the farmers in Mugello: at the end of every cooking class we eat the food we prepared and drink a good glass of Tuscany wine or chestnuts beer to celebrate your stay at Palazzo Torriani.

At Palazzo Torriani we organize the following cooking classes:

  • Recipes featuring chestnuts
  • Tuscany food basics
  • Pasta and Tortelli di patate basics
  • Bread and pizza baking
  • Italian cakes and desserts

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Tasting menus featuring chestnuts and local products

The town of Marradi is famous worldwide for its top-quality chestnuts known as Marroni di Marradi: this high quality Tuscan product is celebrated every year with the Chestnuts Festival, held every Sunday in October.

The chestnuts are fundamental in our culinary tradition and we are glad to prepare for you the best recipes featuring chestnuts and chestnuts flour.

We offer special tasting menus featuring chestnuts that includes all recipes with this fruit: from appetizers to castagnaccio, we prepare also the typical and delicious tortelli di marroni that we pair with local chestnuts beer, produced in Marradi.

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Brunch and special dinners

Chef Martino, our 19th century family chef, used to prepare a different recipe every year and note the same within one year time. We offer special brunches and dinners inspired by his original cookbook, upon request during all year.

From Spring to Autumn our guests can enjoy their meal in our private and peaceful garden, while during rainy and cold days in front of the large fireplace. Our brunch is generally served at buffet with a large variety of freshly made food, our homemade marmalades, cold-cuts and different kind of local cheese.

Guided Tours at Palazzo Torriani and surroundings

Upon request, it is possible to visit Palazzo Torriani and discover its long history and valuable masterpieces: it is actually a great example of Italian Liberty style in Tuscany preserving stunning artworks by Chini masters.

The tours are done by Anna Maria Torriani and her daughter Mariaemilia for at least 2 persons upon request.

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