Corsi di cucina a Palazzo Torriani

Cooking Classes with legendary Chef Martino

In the past century Palazzo Torriani hosted the legendary Chef Martino, whose cookbook and delicious recipes are now preserved by Anna Maria and her daughter Mariaemilia. Legend has it that he never cooked the same dish in a year time! Some of Martino’s recipes are now passed down during the cooking classes at Palazzo Torriani.

Cooking classes at Palazzo Torriani

If you like to learn how to make pasta, if you like to know the authentic and traditional recipes from Tuscany and Romagna then you need to take a cooking class at Palazzo Torriani! We organize cooking classes in the large kitchen on the first floor in the morning or afternoon, and we finish by eating all together what we prepared.

Corsi di cucina a Palazzo Torriani

Every class can be scheduled and organized to accomplish your requests, we do have 4 main courses:

Tuscany cuisine cooking class – this class aims to teach you the basics and best recipes of the typical Tuscan cuisine; we prepare together a complete Tuscan menu from appatizers to dessert, as well as ribollita, trippa and cantuccini biscuits.

Romagna cuisine cooking class Рthis class aims to teach you the basics and best secrets to make fresh pasta, main dish of the typical cuisine from Romagna; we prepare together a complete menu from pasta to dessert.

Pizza & bread cooking class – this class aims to teach you the basics to make the perfect Italian pizza and to make home bread every day, as well as the typical Italian focaccia.

Pastry cooking class – this class aims to teach you the basics and best recipes to make the perfect Itaian dessert: some of the recipes comes directly from martino’s cookbook.

Chestnuts menu for gourmets

Marradi is renowned for the chestnuts that are one of the main ingresients in local cuisine. Anna Maria is a real master chef and prepares any kind of food made with chestnuts. She organizes special brunch or dinner to taste the best dishes with chestnuts. Among her favorite recipes there are the schiacciata made with chestnuts flour served with lardo di Colonnata, the marroni chestnuts with bacon and balsamic vinegar, tortelli made with chestnuts flour or filled with chestnuts, pork filled with chestnuts and many other.

Corsi di cucina a Palazzo Torriani

Are you hungry? It’s time to come to Palazzo Torriani for a cooking class!


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